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Originality: Unique display of simplistic food executed with quality produce, passion and fun.

Food: Feel good, fun and effortless with loads of impact from flavour.

Standout dish: Braised leek, crystal malt, pickled onion and perigord truffle

Drink: Selection of quality beers and wines – most with a great story behind them, natural and biodynamic.

Don’t forget to: Check out the meat ageing room at the entrance.

Service with a smile?: Yes. Staff from around the world who are there to have fun

Feel of the place?: Suited to a dinner with friends. Bare tables, casual vibe, noisy and great atmosphere. Sit back and let the waiters do the rest. The kitchen is set inside the restaurant so provides a glimpse of the action.

Average Price: approx. £100 for a 12 course menu with matched wines was more than reasonable for exceptional cooking.

Score out of 5: fun dining experience with well-prepared plates of food. I can’t wait to return and recommend to friends. 4/5


Originality: British dishes with touches of international flavours and ingredients.
Food: Simple concepts, beautiful cooked.
Standout dish: Confit Pork, slowly cooked and basted in its own fat resulting in a sweet sultry belly.
Drink: Bruichladdich Octomore – a wonderful 15 year old whisky which is strongly citrusy and smoky.
Don’t forget to: Enjoy a few whiskeys, when in “Rome” and all that.
Service with a smile: Service was great, we came in out of the rain and we swiftly taken to the bar and served with a few much needed brews.
Feel of the place: Décor isn’t anything original but comfortable, inviting and sociable. It’s a long walk from central Glasgow so the comfy seats were more than welcome.
Average price: £25 with a couple of drinks and 3 courses
Score out of 5: 4


Originality: A unique mix between Japanese and Nordic cuisine. Tetsuya Wakada meets Rene Redzepi.

Food: Very textural and contrasting food executed with precision. ‘smoky, sweet, crunchy, creamy, soft, gentle, toasty, scented, clear, brothy, earthy, floral’ with a stellar line-up of desserts

Standout dish: Seasonal Chocolate forest floor. Over 25 different components makes for one of the most textural dishes I have tasted.

Drink: Great list of sake, Australian and New Zealand wines. Awarded Sommelier of the year several times since opening in 2009.

Don’t forget to: Order the secret dessert not on the menu. ‘The Japanese stones’.

Service with a smile?: Highly skilled and knowledgeable.

Feel of the place?: Bare tables, leather banquets, polished black white and grey tiles. very sleek and New York rich. Only down side is that the restrooms are located out of the restaurant and inside the connecting shopping centre.

Average Price: $250 with wines and 10+ course menu. Around (£135). Well priced given the level of cooking, quantity of food and quality of wine.

Score out of 5. A great dining experience offering a unique style (fusion). 4/5


Originality: They pride themselves on their fresh, local seafood and they definitely deliver, with their options boasting of Cornish oysters, Cornish mussels, Cornish scallops even Cornish bred waiters for added entertainment. Their menu has a stunning fresh Asian twist, not what you’d expect from what seems like a little Cornish Beach Café.

Food: The Asian twist to their food creates an original fusion, this isn’t a case of a restaurant that have just thrown a Seafood Thai Green Curry on their menu. Think wakame lobster, mackrel ponzu pate and pickled cucumber.

Standout dish: The most visually beautiful dish was definitely their Petit Fours!

Drink: If it’s a lovely sunny day an Elderflower 75, wouldn’t go a miss! Sipping prosecco and elderflower, sun on your face whilst listening to the waves crash? Yes please.

Don’t forget to: Book in advance, we managed to sneak in for an early lunch but it filled up very quickly with reservations, if it’s forecast to be a good day, request an outside table. When the weather isn’t too warm they have manage to turn the outside space into an ‘indoor’ space with plastic clear walls and ceiling. So even if the sun isn’t scorching, you’re still able to enjoy your meal watching the waves.

Service with a smile: All the staff came across as really friendly and managed to accommodate us without a reservation which was great.

Feel of the place: It was a fairly informal dining area, with lots of light and space. Relaxing, comfortable and serene.

Average price: Dinner main courses vary from between £20-£30, but I would recommend going for lunch to soak up the advantages of them being right on the beach, their lunch dishes are between £8-20.

Score out of 5: I can’t really fault this restaurant to be honest. The area that surrounded it was full of fish and chip restaurants and this place was like a breath of much needed fresh air. Their menu was surprisingly modern and their interior worked beautifully with their surroundings. I might have to go as far to say a 5, I can’t really think of what could have been better!


Originality: French / Mediterranean. Classic

Food: Quality produce however failed to exceed high expectations being one of Paris top 3 Michelin locations. Overall the food was underwhelming.

Standout dish: 30 second poached lobster, million layer potato

Drink: Extensive list of old world wines with a high price tag. Wines by the glass started at £25 and upwards of £85

Don’t forget to: Enjoy the marvellous interior of the restaurant as well as your wallet.

Service with a smile?: Staff were polished and efficient. It was to a level you would expect from a restaurant of this calibre.

Feel of the place: Formal and slightly intimidating, the dining room is truly special.

Average price: On this occasion the bill came to 455 euro (£370) for 2 added courses (to the 3 course lunch) and 4 glasses of wine. Go for lunch which starts at 115 euro for 3 courses (without wine) and you might be lucky to stay under 200 euro.

Score out of 5: Given the sheer price of the food / wine which was slightly underwhelming and not matching up to the calibre of Ducasse this was scored 3/5


Originality: Very imaginative

Food: Very out there. I had the 12 course tasting meal, my first experience and was truly impressed by the culinary journey. Presentation was stunning and fun.

Standout dish: The melt-away dessert.

Drink: Each course was matched with a superb wine from new and old world, although I did think the pour was too generous.

Don’t forget to: Take the menu home with you as by the end of your meal you won’t remember a thing.

Service with a smile?: Staff were polished and efficient. It was to a level you would expect from a restaurant of this calibre.

Feel of the place: Enjoyable, everyone was there for the same reason.

Average price: Probably the most expensive meal you will ever eat in South Africa

Score out of 5: 4


Originality: Mostly British & French

Food: The Spinach, watercress & garlic soup was a very rich green colour, piping hot, and a good consistency, with a delicious flavour. The Mussels Mariniere, were quite small in size, and difficult to take out of their shells as the serving bowl had high sides. The sauce / liquer was quite weak in  flavour  & consistency. Surprisingly they got cold before I had finished eating them all! The “Home made” Beef Pie had good sized pieces, and  a good proportion of sauce. The pastry was well coloured and crispy. The portion size was good

Standout dish: Roast boned Norfolk Quail, with a pate with golden sultanas. This was very tasty, and had a nice presentation on an oblong white plate sprinkled with edamame beans, peas and charred baby gem lettuce. The Quail had been fully boned out, was very tasty and of a good portion size. Everything on the plate looked and tasted very good.

Drink: Nice selection

Service with a smile: Indeed both waitresses (one English, the other Italian) were  very cheerful through out the meal.

Feel of the place: Even though we went there at 12.30 lunchtime, there were enough other customers to give it some atmosphere.

Average price: I think around £70 for 2 (for an appetiser & main course, and drinks).

Score out of 5: 4

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